Systematic Budget Modeling
A full featured, Budget Office Suite of Tools...
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A budgeting process that works the way you do.
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ESP provides a total end to end solution to your budgeting needs.
Unlimited Modeling &
Cascading Forecast Scenarios
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Work with your entire budget or just a portion.
Scenario Scope provides unlimited Sorting, Grouping & Filtering Call for Demo
Complete Budget Office Suite
Model Analyze Communicate
Model Analyze Communicate
  • Salary Negotiations
  • Position Management
  • Retirement Plans
  • Medical Insurance
  • Fixed Costs
  • Steps & COLA
  • What If?
  • Scenario Scope
  • Filters
  • Rollup Summaries
  • Historical Snapshots
  • What Happened?
  • Budget Book
  • Budget Status
  • Spreadsheets
  • Charts
  • Custom Reports


Product Highlights
  • It’s time for something Smarter, something Better, something New, something that works the way YOU work.
  • Quickly explore and evaluate an unlimited number of Budget Scenarios.
  • Develop and enforce standard processes used across your entire organization.
  • Keep your entire team on the same Page. The same Goals. The same Scenario.
  • Integrates directly with your Financial and Payroll systems. No more time consuming data manipulations, exporting or converting.
  • Manage self-balancing Special Revenue Grants & Capital Projects.
  • Answer questions based on historical information loaded directly from your Financial and Payroll systems.
  • Streamline Budget Book preparations with award winning publishing tools.

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Coming Soon...
Web Based Cost Center Manager and Work Flow allowing organization wide budget participation.
Snapshot Scenarios now include Encumbrances and Fiscal Year End Projections
Our users...

"Besides being user-friendly and relatively straightforward to use, ESP has features and functionality that make it a premier application.

Its ability to track numerous Scenarios, manipulate data for complex "what if" analyses and import refreshed base data and automatically update Scenarios is unparalleled."

- Heidi Franklin former CFO, Portland Public Schools

"Projections and "what if" scenarios are easily created, ranging from small impact changes to widely varying sets of assumptions.

And, then Scenarios can be compared! Such impact analysis is critical input to policy decisions, and the ease and speed provided by ESP contributes substantially to the process."

- Dona K. Lehr, PhD, Director, Data & Policy Analysis, Portland Public Schools
What I like/appreciate about Budget Build...

"Ability to view/sort/enter data using various [Budget Elements] such as by department, by account, by program, etc."

"Ability to model salary and benefit costs using various elements such as by employee type, group, benefit plan, Steps and COLA, number of days!

"Ability to quickly download to Excel for further analysis, etc.”

-Mark Murray, Budget Director, Portland Public Schools
My Top 3 features...

"The customer service provided by Andrew-Scott. Even if you have the best product on the market, it doesn't matter if the customer service isn't good."

-Terry Stonecipher, Sr. Budget Analyst, Portland Public Schools

"The best things I like about ESP; Accuracy, Intuitivness, Speed and their Customer support.

What used to take me days to do in budget scenarios and forecasting using spreadsheets, now only takes me a few minutes; just a few clicks and I have a nice, accurate spreadsheet to provide to negotiation teams or the budget committee. I love it!"

- Cynthia Le, Financial Supervisor, Reynolds School District
When every dollar counts, you want ESP.
- Chuck Rhodes, Director of Business Services, Reynolds School District
My Top 3 features...

"The ability to manipulate data quickly via assumptions and mass change tools. This is so important for all of those media/public requests for info, labor negotiations, and projecting possible budget reductions/adds. After manipulating the data, the CrossTab feature puts it all together for you."

-Terry Stonecipher, Sr. Budget Analyst, Portland Public Schools

"ESP is a fabulous data source which gives quick and easy entry into (and extraction from) the financial, budgeting and human resource data systems.

If you can translate your query into the elements of the [Budget Element String], you can quickly access any combination of the elements from a single line item to a district wide aggregation. "

- Dona K. Lehr, PhD, Director, Data & Policy Analysis, Portland Public Schools
My Top 3 features...

"The reconcile feature is a huge enhancement that saves days of manual entry. This is the single most important feature during the [reconciliation] process in the fall."

-Terry Stonecipher, Sr. Budget Analyst, Portland Public Schools
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