Systematic Budget Modeling
Frequently Asked questions

What Platforms are available for ESP?


The On-Premise platform locates the ESP Server within your local area network and provides for complete integration with Financial and Payroll Systems. Connectivity with the ERP systems is accomplished using SQL Linked Servers. Pricing for an On-Premise platform is typically an initial cost for the ESP Software with an ongoing Annual Licensing and Support Agreement.

Cloud Based (SAAS)

The Cloud Based platform provides a complete ESP Software as a Service (SAAS) environment for running ESP. Connectivity to your financial and Payroll systems is made using a secure Site to Site VPN connection between the your network and the ESP Data Center. Pricing for Cloud Based platforms is typically a single monthly service charge billed annually or quarterly.

Shared Services (Educational Service Districts)

Educational Service Districts or other support organizations may be an ESP Provider by deploying On-Premise ESP Servers to provide services to districts in a Cloud Based SAAS environment. Pricing for each client district is typically based on the On-Premise platform model with discounts based on the number of districts served and whether they will provide first level user support.

Budget Office Services

With the Shared Services platform, the provider may use ESP to perform the function of the "Budget Office" for smaller districts, as long as the provider is licensed for at least the size of the client district. Typically the cost of Budget Office Services is 20% of the Shared Services pricing.