Systematic Budget Modeling
Enterprise Scenario Planning Features
Scenario Based Budgeting
  • Comprehensive Scenario Version Management
  • ERP data Reloading & Reconciliation 
  • Unlimited Cascading Forecast Year Scenarios 
  • Automatic Historical Snapshot Scenarios for Analysis & Reporting
  • Complete or Scope limited recalculations
  • Scenario Audit tracks all changes
Budget Items
  • Line item adjustments with a fixed or delta amount or percentage
  • Spread Adjustments prorate across multiple line items
  • Both Revenue and Expense Items
  • Budgeted Position place holders (negative FTE allowed)
  • Unlimited Split Funding sources
  • Pending Employees
  • Flexible Pay Components
  • Positions, Locations, Job Codes
  • Detailed costs automatically rolled-up to budget line items
Salary Plans
  • Cost of Living Allowance % (COLA)
  • Step Enable and Step Count
  • Temporary work year changes and furloughs
  • Annual and Hourly Plans
Project & Grants
  • Prorate or Set Fiscal Amounts
  • Administrative Fee Calculation
  • Auto Balancing Contingency or Float
  • Detailed costs automatically roll up to budget line items
  • Calculate tax and fringe benefit costs
  • Custom Calculations
  • Inflation Calculations
  • Account Group Rollups
  • Pay Components
  • Data Schedules
Benefit Plans
  • Unlimited Plans.
  • Multiple qualification and participation levels per plan
  • Cost Proration based on funding FTE
  • Costs automatically roll up to budget line items
Scope Selection
  • Flexible Scope selection, sorting and grouping (rollup)
  • Flexible Filters
  • Query By Example
  • Instantly save virtually any data view to a Spreadsheet
  • Scenario Cross Tab provides comparative views across multiple Scenarios including Historical Snapshots
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Crystal Reports
  • Flexible Import/Export